JOYful Noise

4th Sunday of the Month

We have an intergenerational, interactive, informal, creative and worshipful service.

JOYful Noise Worship

        Joining Older & Younger in Worship by creating an     

          experience which will appeal to all ages worshipping together.


The service is:

     Informal  dress casually because we’ll be moving around

      Creative – hands-on

      Interactive there will be less talking and more doing:

          singing, dancing, engaging our bodies as well as our minds and spirits.

      Intergenerational and Inclusive – the service is being designed with all ages and abilities in mind.

Bubble Recipe:

6 C         Water (distilled works best, tap water is  OK)

1/2 C    Blue Dawn - concentrated original, not ultra, if you can find it!

1/2 C    Corn Starch

1 tbs         Baking Powder

1tbs          Glycerin

Dissolve the cornstarch in water, stir well.  Gently stir in remaining ingredients, being careful to not make a lot of froth.  Allow mixture to settle for at least an hour, stirring occasionally if you see cornstarch settling to the bottom.

Giant Bubble Wand

Use Cotton, Wool or Jute for the string.  

2 dowels, 12” each works well, but they could be much longer!

Crochet a chain about 6’ long, (I used cotton, the kind used to knit or crochet dish cloths).  Tie both ends of the chain to the end of one dowel, making a loop. Then, about 18” from the first dowel, attach the second dowel to the chain.

Have a grand time!